Please note: There are no more custom design job openings for 2021.

All custom design jobs are privately commissioned for special events and occasions. Consultations cost R350 and I find it best if people familiarize themselves with my design process by reading through my terms and conditions before our first meeting. This is a three page document that I send out to clients upon booking their consultation.

Bridal commissions are usually the most time consuming and can require up to 8 fittings, depending on the complexity of the design. I strongly advise clients to approach me at least 3 months in advance to ensure a place in my schedule. Bridal commissions can take between one and two months to accomplish.


Pattern technology is a vital part of the custom couture process. Drawing from the custom body measurements taken, I begin with drafting a 'Working Pattern' which I then cut and sew into a toile or (mock) garment to test the garments fit. This is crucial to achieving the best fit because it allows room for correction before drafting and cutting 'The Master Pattern' which will be used when cutting out the final fashion fabric. 


I also make custom Bridesmaid dresses, as well as Mother Of The Bride dresses.