A blonde model pushing her hair behind her ear, wearing a black outfit  with a textured scarf accessory, against a blue sky
blonde model looking down, wearing a branded meg taljaard, black jersey with high waisted trousers and a black textured scarf accessory
female model wearing beige pants and a black jersey holding a black textured scarf against a blue sky
fashion model wearing a black jersey and beige pants throwing a scarf up in the air
Blonde model against a blue sky holding a black meg taljaard textured scarf accessory
fashion model holding a wide black textured scarf accessory up to her face

JIN Scarf | Black

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Add some drama to your wardrobe with this wide and cosy scarf, crafted out of the softest and most luxurious bouclé knitted fabric. It is the ultimate winter accessory measuring 25cm wide and 2 meters long.